Kyoto-UCLA student workshop on Indo-European


Kyoto-UCLA student workshop on Indo-European

(Department of Linguistics, Kyoto University)


Monday-Wednesday, March 24-26, 2014

Lecture Room 7 (second floor), Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University



16:00-        Registration and drinks (Seminar Room 3)


8:15         Breakfast, coffee and tea
8:55         Opening Remarks

Panel I
9:00         Jessica DeLisi (UCLA)

Sonority Sequencing Violations and Prosodic Structure in Latin and Other  Indo-European Languages (abstract)
9:30         Teigo Onishi (Kyoto)
On Some Nouns with the Suffix *-ti– in Latin (abstract)
Éloïse Lemay (UCLA)
On Merovingian Latin (abstract)


- 10:30-11:00   Break -

Panel II
11:00        Yasuhiro Katsumata (Kyoto)
The Meaning of άλαζονεύεσθαι in the Forty-fifth Oration of Dio Chrysostom (abstract)
11:30        Sho Nishii (Kyoto)
Hercules’ Honor and Dishonor: Deianira in Ovid Heroides 9 (abstract)
12:00        Christina Skelton (UCLA)
What are the Dialects of West Greek? (abstract)


- 12:30-14:00 Lunch -

Panel III
14:00         Anthony D. Yates
On Proto-Anatolian Verbal Ablaut: The Hittite ašanzi-Type Reexamined (abstract)

14:30         Mattyas Huggard (UCLA)
At the Interface of Syntax and Phonology: Indefinites in Hittite
15:00         Toru Minamimoto (UCLA/Kyoto)
Non-sigmatic Tenses of Dental and Velar Verbs in the Greek dialects: Thessalian and Beyond (abstract)


- 15:30-16:00   Break -

Panel IV
16:00         Erina Hirose (Kyoto)
Conjugated Forms of the Preposition a as a Pronoun in Breton (abstract)
16:30         Mayuko Yoneda
Strong and Weak Verb Transformations in the History of English: Fluctuation between the Tense Markers of Transitive and Intransitive Verb Pairs (abstract)
17:00         Akira Hanaoka
A Historical Investigation into the Use of Quantifiers: The Difference between all the and *every/*each the (abstract)

18:00         Conference dinner at Mon (Japanese restaurant)



8:15         Coffee and Tea

Panel V
9:00         Kenji Takahashi (Kyoto)
Irregular Lengthening of Vowels in Nominal Compounds in Sanskrit (abstract)
9:30         Akane Saito (Kyoto)
The Definition of the Nominal Stem (prātipadika): the Sanskrit Grammarians’ Theory of Word and Meaning (abstract)
10:00         Adam Catt (Kyoto)
Vedic vidh– and the Evidence for Archaic Root Aorist Optative and Participle Forms (abstract)

- 10:30-11:00   Break -

Panel VI
11:00         Chiara Bozzone (UCLA)
The Origin of the Caland System and the Typology of Adjectives (abstract)
11:30         Ryan Sandell (UCLA)
Perspectives on the Reconstruction of the Proto-Indo-European Accentual System
12:00         Jesse Lundquist (UCLA)
Vedic –tí- Abstracts and the Reconstruction of Proterokinetic *-tí- in PIE

- 12:30-14:00 Lunch -

Panel VII
14:00         Kengo Tatemachi (Kyoto)
The Use of Relative Pronouns in Middle Persian (abstract)
14:30         Bernhard Koller (UCLA)
Question Particles in Tocharian A (abstract)
15:00         Anna Pagé (UCLA)
Comparing the Births of Conchobar, Indra, and Herakles

- 15:30-16:00   Break - 

Panel VIII
16:00         Ryutaro Takezaki (Tokyo)
On the Vedic Metre Viraj (abstract)
16:30         Yoichiro Watanabe (Tokyo)
Interpretation of the Particle so in the Saddanīti, a Pāli Vyākaraṇa (abstract)

17:00         Closing remarks

17:45         Buffet style reception at Camphora (Café/Restaurant)