Recruitment Information – Global COE Researcher

  1. Job Title : Researcher
    Number of Positions : A small number of positions
  2. Affiliation:
    Global COE Program for “Reconstruction of the Intimate and Public Spheres in 21st Century Asia” (Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University)
  3. Start Date: April 1st, 2012 (expected date).
    Term of Employment: Until March 31st, 2013. Contract is NOT extendable.
  4. Job Content:
    1) The applicant will conduct research within the general purposes of the present program, and give presentations at domestic/international conferences as well as publish their academic results in journals/books.
    2) The applicant will perform various tasks related to the program. Especially ① conducting research and producing publications of the program, ②organizing GCOE related programs such as editing an English-language academic journal, organizing and delivering symposiums and workshops, and producing the publications of the program. ③ Conducting various international joint research programs with overseas partners.
  5. Qualification Requirements:
    1) The applicant must have a keen interest in the subject of “Reconstruction of the Intimate and Public Spheres in Asian Societies (including Japan)”, as well as in developing an international research network.
    2) The applicant must hold a Ph.D. degree on the day of arriving at the post. However, we will also accept applications from those with an outstanding academic record who expect to obtain their Ph.D. degree within the present academic year.
    3) Applicants of any nationality are welcome to apply, but the applicant must have both sufficient English and Japanese language ability to perform the aforementioned job content.
    4) From the time of taking up the post, the applicant;
    ・may not hold another full-time job.
    ・may not be a research fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, or obtain any other type of fulltime research position.
    ・must live within commuting distance of Kyoto University.
  6. Terms of Contract and benefits:
    1) Working hours are according to a discretionary labor system of approximately 24-30 hours per week (four to five days a week).
    2) Payment is based on the applicant’s academic history at 2,100 yen per hour for a degree holder and 1,900 yen for a non-degree holder.
    3) The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Mutual Society of Health Insurance and Employment Insurance is provided.
    4) May apply for various programs of the GCOE and the department.
    5) May apply for government aid research programs.
    6) May use various facilities within the university.
    7) Commuting allowance is provided according to the University’s criteria.
  7. Application Documents:
    1) Application form (it is a requirement to use the downloadable form provided).
    2) Curriculum vitae (there is a sample format for reference, it is also possible to use a different format if the contents are equivalent).
    3) A list of academic publications and presentations (please distinguish refereed papers and papers which have not been refereed).
    4) Copies of major research studies (up to three works).
    5) Summary of significant academic achievements to date (within 1000 words).
    6) Personal Statement (within 1000 words). This should cover the applicant’s abilities and experiences, including language ability; research experience in foreign countries (if any); presentations at international conferences; tutoring in academic English; organizing or participation in international research or obtaining competitive funds; etc.
    7) Research plan as a GCOE assistant professor (within 1000 words). Please check the outline of the present GCOE program on the website at The applicant must submit a creative research and educational activity plan, which meets the purposes of the program.
    8) Two referees (name, affiliation, and contact information) who can be contacted concerning the applicant’s scholarly ability and research achievements. (Please write this in the application form.)
    * The submitted application documents will not be returned to the applicant.
    * Applications in either Japanese or English are acceptable.
  8. Application Deadline:
    The entry must arrive by March 2, 2012.
  9. Screening Process and Notification:
    Successful candidates in the first screening may be called for an oral interview on the 8th of March 2012.
  10. Application Documents and Delivery Address:
    1) The application form etc. can be downloaded directly from the website of the GCOE Program”Reconstruction of the Intimate and Public Spheres” (Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University), or can be requested from the secretariat of the program (See below).
    2) All documents should be sent by post to the GCOE secretariat as registered mail. Please write ‘Application for GCOE‘ in RED on the envelope.
  11. Contact Information:
    Please contact the GCOE secretariat by email (See below) if you have any questions.


  • Delivery address and contact address:
    Secretariat office of the Global COE Program for “Reconstruction of the Intimate and Public Spheres in 21st Century Asia”,
    Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University
    Yoshida Hon Machi,
    Sakyoku, Kyoto City, 606-8501,
  • Telephone:+81 (0)75-753-2734