April 1, 2022

Professor Taisaku KOMEIE (Head of Department)

Ph.D. (Kyoto University) [replace _at_ with @]

Research interests

  • Historical geography
  • Korean Studies

Recent books

  • Mori to Hi no Kankyo-shi: Kinsei, Kindai Nihon no Yakihata to Shokusei (An Environmental History of Forest and Fire: Swidden Agriculture and Vegetation in Early Modern and Modern Japan), Kyoto: Shibunkaku Shuppan, 2019, 372p.*
  • (Eds with A. Kinda, S. Minamide, T. Mizoguchi, and K. Uesugi) Proceedings of the 14th International Conference of Historical Geographers, Kyoto 2009, Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2010, 313p.
  • Chu-kinsei Sanson no Keikan to Kozo (Landscape and Structure in Medieval and Early Modern Highland Japan), Tokyo: Azekura Shobo, 2002, 362p.*
  • (Translation with A. Yamamura and K. Uesugi) Modernity no Rekishi Chiri (B. Graham & C. Nash eds., Modern Historical Geographies), Tokyo: Kokon Shoin, 2005, 370p.*

Recent papers

  • Japanese colonial forestry and treeless islands of Penghu: Afforestation project and controversy over environmental history. Geographical Review of Japan Series B 93(2), 2020, pp.50-65. DOI: 10.4157/geogrevjapanb.93.50
  • Development and indigenous peoples in colonial forestry: Representation of Taiwanese and Korean vegetation change in the Japanese Empire, in T.-j. Liu and M. Muscolino (eds) Perspectives on Environmental History in East Asia: Changes in the Land, Water and Air, Abingdon and New York: Routledge, 2021, pp.61-83.
  • (Co-authors: K. Onoda, S. Miyamoto, H. Fujita, N. Kawahara, and H. Kawaguchi) Historical geography in Japan since 1980. Japanese Journal of Human Geography 65(1), 2013, pp.1-28. DOI: 10.4200/jjhg.65.1_1
  • The early modern rural landscape. In A. Kinda (ed) A Landscape History of Japan, Kyoto: Kyoto University Press, 2010, pp.137-161.
  • Modernization of the countryside. In A Landscape History of Japan, op.cit., pp.163-185.
  • Landscapes in literature and painting. In A Landscape History of Japan, op.cit., pp.223-242.
  • Colonial environmentalism and shifting cultivation in Korea: Japanese mapping, research, and representation. Geographical Review of Japan 79(12), 2006, pp.664-679. DOI: 10.4157/grj.79.12_664

Associate professor Tomoya HANIBUCHI

Ph. D. (Kyoto University)

Tomoya Hanibuchi – My portal – researchmap

Lecturer Ai SUGIE

Ph. D. (Nagoya University) [replace _at_ with @]

Recent interests

  • Social geography
  • Development geography
  • Area studies (South Asia)

Recent books

  • Sugie, A. 2023. Reconsidering caste: Hindus and Muslims in Bangladesh. Nagoya University
    Press. [in Japanese]

Recent papers

  • Sugie, A. 2022. Do ‘Islamic norms’ impede inclusive development of women?: A case study of Islamic education for women in rural Bangladesh. Awaya, T. and Tomozawa, K. eds. Inclusive Development in South Asia. 250-272. Routledge.

  • Sugie, A. 2021. Reconsidering individualism in rural Bangladesh: ethnography of Hara and subsequent village studies. In Togawa, M and Dasgupta, A. eds., Kinship and family among Muslims in Bengal. NewDelhi: Manohar. 309-338.

  • Sugie, A. 2019. Solidarity economy versus neoliberalism?: Microcredit in rural Bangladesh. Journal of Business and Economics 10(9): 811-824.

  • Sugie, A. 2019. Deconstructing financial inclusion and exclusion in development discourse: case studies of microfinance operations in rural Bangladesh. In Leimgruber, W. and Chang, C. D. eds., Perspectives on geographical marginality Volume 4: Rural areas between regional needs and global challenges. Springer. 97-119.

  • Sugie, A. 2019. Disembedding Islamic locale: the spread and deepening of Islamic knowledge in rural Bangladesh. Journal of Urban and Regional Studies on Contemporary India 5(2):1-21.

  • Sugie, A. 2016. Persistence and change in occupational groups among Muslims in rural Bangladesh: a case study of Sanaidar jati in Tangail district. International Journal of South Asian Studies 8: 73-102.

  • Khan, S. and Sugie, A. 2015. Sand mining and its social impacts on local society in rural Bangladesh: a case study of a village in Tangail District. Journal of Urban and Regional Studies on Contemporary India 2(1): 1-11.

* written in Japanese

Department of Geography – Top page

  • Junko MIKAMI
  • Ruri SARUWATARI (Kyoto University Museum)
Impact of the economic crisis on human mobility in Japan: A
preliminary note, Belgian Journal of Geography(BELGEO), 
2011 (3-4), 2011, pp.129-147.