Division of Philosophy

Christian Studies

The Department of Christian Studies was founded in 1922 in order that the study of Christianity could be pursued from a purely academic standpoint, which distinguishes the department from Christian theology (divinity) schools tied to a specific faith or dogma. The scope of research and education pursued in the department covers all aspects of the history and philosophy of Christianity.

Christianity, of course, serves as the foundation of the philosophical and cultural traditions of the Western world, and Christianity has spread to many other parts of the world, including Asia and Africa, creating new cultural spheres and influencing all of mankind. To approach an object of study so broad and diverse, we have sought to collaborate with associated disciplines to add many different viewpoints to our education and research pursuits. Methodologies for such studies may include, for example, philological or historical studies based on the reading of texts of great thinkers, fieldwork, or the analyses of Christian artwork (e.g. architecture, paintings, music and literature). Among these, the department places emphasis on research and education in the following fields: Biblical studies, the history of Christian thought (in particular, patristic, Reformation, modern and contemporary Christian thought), systematic studies of Christian thought and studies of Christian though from the viewpoint of religious philosophy).

In addition to regular courses (which include lectures and seminars), students are offered opportunities for active learning through a variety of workshops and reading circles.

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TSUDA KENJI Assoc. Prof. Eariy Christian Thought