Introduction to Applied philosophy

at Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University

2012/05/24 Yasuo DEGUCHI (What is ‘Applied Philosophy’ ?) [in Japanese]
2012/05/31 Nobutsugu KANZAKI (On Applied Ethics) [in Japanese]
2012/06/07 Minao KUKITA (Philosophy of Robot) [in Japanese]
2012/06/14 Tetsuji ISEDA (Pseudoscience) [in Japanese]
2012/06/28 Sho YAMAGUCHI (philosohy of Life and Death) [in Japanese]
2012/07/05 Masahiko MIZUTANI (Philosophy of Ignorance) [in Japanese]
2012/07/12 Daisuke KAIDA (Applied Metaphysics) [in Japanese]
2012/07/26 Ricki Bliss (Mental Illness and Moral Responsibility)[in English]