Prof. Jay Garfieldセミナー

Prof. Jay Garfieldセミナー(一回目)

Title: Buddhist Epistemology

April 7 (MON), 2014 14 : 45 ~ 16 : 15

Abstract: Buddhist Pram—āṇa theory results in a conceptual landscape in
epistemology somewhat different from that of the West. We will examine
the nature of Pram—āṇa and the Buddhist debates about knowledge this
construct makes possible.

Prof. Jay Garfieldセミナー(二回目)

Title: Buddhist Logic and Philosophy of Language

April 10 (THU), 2014 14 : 45 ~ 16 : 15

Abstract: Buddhist philosophers of language, guided by nominalism and a
suspicion of discursive practices, nonetheless wrote and spoke, and so
required a theory of meaning and of linguistic practice. This lecture will
examine Buddhist contributions to our understanding of language.


(KUASU Meeting Room 257,Faculty of Letters East Bldg.,Kyoto Unibersity)