CAPEレクチャー:Prof. Yasuo DEGUCHI 講演会

CAPEレクチャー:Prof. Yasuo DEGUCHI 講演会



講演者:Prof. Yasuo DEGUCHI (Kyoto University)

タイトル:The Logic of Provision: Sānlùn Meets Non-classical Logic

アブストラクト:Sānlùn (三論) School of East Asian Buddhism elaborated an unique philosophy that aimed to get rid of dichotomies such as ‘being vs. nothing’ and ‘the ultimate truth vs. the conventional truth’, and to be detached from each of those dichotomous concepts. Focusing on one of its most important texts; Dà Shèng Xuán Lùn (大乗玄論), this talk tries to show that the school’s key concepts such as ‘four-fold two truths’ (四重二諦 sì chóng èr dì) and ‘provision’ (假 jiă) can be well formulated in terms of a contemporary non-classical logic; i.e., a many valued para-consistent system equipped with a truth value that is a fixed point of negation.