CAPEセミナー Prof. Jay Garfield (National University of Singapore)

Prof. Jay Garfield (National University of Singapore)  場所 KUASU 多目的室

     Lecture Series:
Title: The Self    2014年2月26日(水)16:30ー18:00
Abstract: This talk will consider Buddhist views about the self and their relation to contemporary Western views about the self, exploring ways in which Buddhist perspectives can enrich  Western debates.Title: Consciousness  2014年2月27日(木)16:30ー18:00
This talk will address the way consciousness is classified and addressed in contemporary Western and in classic Buddhist debates, considering such topics as qualitative character, introspection and perception.Title: Phenomenology 2014年2月28日(金)14:00ー15:30
Abstract:  This talk will consider Buddhist phenomenology as developed in the work of Vasubandhu, one of the founders of the Yogācāra school, exploring the way that his doctrine of the three natures interacts with the doctrine of selflessness to yield a persuasive account of the nature of experience.