The International Conference “A Frontier of Philosophy of Time”

The International Conference

“A Frontier of Philosophy of Time”

The conference “A Frontier of Philosophy of Time” aims to promote international communication among philosophers working on time and its related areas, including metaphysics, logic, linguistics, philosophy of science, etc.

30th Nov. (Sat.) and 1st Dec. (Sun.) 2013
Conference Room (basement), Faculty of Letters Main Bldg., Yoshida Campus of Kyoto University

Invited speakers include:
David Braddon-Mitchell, Richard Dietz, Tora Koyama, Chunghyung Lee, Raamy Majeed, Ulrich Meyer, Kristie Miller, Takeshi Sakon, Katsuhiko Sano, Ikuro Suzuki, Jonathan Tallant, Sho Yamaguchi, Tsuyoshi Yokoo

(Totally 13 speakers listed in alphabetical order.)

Throughout the meeting, English will be used as public language. Those who are interested in FTP are all welcome to participate. Admission to the conference is free, and no booking is required.

FPT is supported by Center for Applied Philosophy and Ethics (CAPE) and sponsored by the Kyoto University general fund.

URL: http://fptconference.web.fc2.com/A_Frontier_of_Philosophy_of_Time/FPT_Top.html

Organizer: Takeshi Sakon (tsakon2009[at]gmail.com)