CAPEレクチャー Claire Benn氏講演会

CAPEレクチャー:Claire Benn氏講演会

Speaker: Claire Benn
The title of the talk: The Optionality and Goodness of Supererogatory Actions

The abstract: There are two conditions which those who write on
Supererogation agree are necessary (though perhaps not sufficient) for
an action to be considered supererogatory. The first condition is that
they are optional, in the sense of being neither morally required nor
morally forbidden. The second is that they are good to do. As these
two conditions are agreed to be necessary in the literature, little
work has been spent of articulating them more fully. I provide a
fleshed out account of these two conditions and claim that at the
heart of the concept of supererogation is the notion of ‘doing the
bare minimum’. It is in relation to this notion that these two
conditions of optionality and goodness must be understood.