A Workshop on Cultural Diversity and Moral Responsibility

A Workshop on Cultural Diversity and Moral Responsibility
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Sommers氏は2012年に道徳的責任と自由意志をテーマとした著書 Relative Justice

13:00-14:30 Tamler Sommers (University of Houston)
Title: Moral Responsibility and Human Diversity
Contemporary philosophical theories of moral responsibility attempt to develop universal criteria for fair assignments of blame and praise.  The theories also appeal to intuition about key principles and cases to justify these criteria.   Consequently, theories of moral responsibility must make empirical assumptions about the universality or likely convergence of intuitions upon which their theories rely. This paper lays out an empirical and philosophical challenge to these assumptions. Drawing on research in anthropology, psychology, and evolutionary biology, I show that there are significant cross-cultural differences regarding the conditions for just assignments of moral responsibility.  I  argue that these differences are sufficiently deep and well-motivated to make it implausible that philosophical analysis, reflection, and dialogue could resolve them.  I conclude that cross-cultural variation raises serious problems for theories that propose universally applicable conditions for moral responsibility.  I call the resulting position ‘metaskepticism about moral responsibility’ because the challenge applies not only to positive accounts of moral responsibility, but also to skeptical theories which claim that human beings everywhere cannot deserve praise or blame for their actions.

14:30-14:45 break

14:45-15:30 Sho Yamaguchi (Kyoto University)
Title: The Problem of Honor Killing as Punishment

15:30-16:15 Taku Sasaki (Ritsumeikan University)
Title: Metaethics of Responsibility: Incoherentism and Normativity

16:15-16:30 break

16:30-18:00 Discussion